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Your teeth could be discolored by genetics, smoking cigarettes, or drinking coffee or cola. Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry offers many options for people looking to get a brighter smile. One way is whitening your teeth. Whitening involves the use of a gel that lightens the teeth and gives them a whiter and brighter appearance. Multiple studies have shown this process to be harmless, with no adverse effects on teeth or fillings and no tooth-softening.

We offer both take-home and in-office bleaching methods at the clinic.

Take-Home Bleaching

This tooth whitening technique involves taking dental impressions and using them to create thin, custom-fitted plastic trays. Trays are filled with a bleaching gel which is applied once per day for about an hour each time.

There are many benefits to this method of whitening:

In-Office Bleaching

This revolutionary treatment is done in under one-and-a-half hours and results in whiter teeth. The process involves taking three 15 minute treatments with a high power ultraviolet light that rapidly intensifies the whitening by activating the bleaching gel applied to your teeth. Zoom is the most popular bleaching system worldwide, and our office uses it for its convenience and effectiveness. We’ve even had it on popular TV shows such as ‘Extreme Makeover.’

We’re excited to offer Zoom for in-office whitening, custom-made plastic trays made to fit your teeth. The trays come with touch-ups so you can refresh your smile with just a few minutes of time from home any time you want. Zoom gives busy people the ability to find the perfect balance between professional whitening and quality time.


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