Dental Implants

Dental implants have high success rates and they will preserve your surrounding teeth so you don’t lose any more. Many of our patients agree that dental implants are the best alternative to traditional dentures or a full set of teeth.

Missing teeth won’t just spoil your looks. It will also generally have a negative impact on your overall health. This includes a decline in the health of the surrounding teeth and jawbone, as well as many other side effects like headaches, jaw pain, and sunken appearance around the mouth.

Dental implants are made from biopolymer materials and titanium. The tooth will be able to provide the same function and sensation as your real teeth. Implants work most effectively in bone that is healthy. They can also prevent bone loss and gums recession for patients who want to get rid of dentures. Dental implants usually integrate so naturally into a person’s jaw that they don’t even realize they ever had a tooth missing!

Dental Implant Benefits


Cost effective: Dental implants are not only more affordable in the long term, but they’ll also cost less than traditional bridgework. Because one tooth is replaced rather than the three teeth of a bridge, implants can actually cost less than traditional bridgework over time.

Tooth-saving: Dental implants are a better alternative to bridges, because they do not sacrifice the quality of your teeth. With a bridge, some of your natural teeth can be altered to support it, which can be a big drawback in the long run.

Comfort: Dental implants make it easy to chew and talk with confidence again. They’re secure and will give you the freedom from troubled dentures that might click or wobble. Say goodbye to lost dentures and messy pastes, because dental implants are where your steady chewing belongs.

Reliability: Implants are a reliable treatment with excellent success rates. They’re the best option for tooth replacement, and can be used with dentures and other treatments.

How is the medication administered?

During a dental procedure, the IV is used to administer medication that will send you into a relaxed and comfortable state. Patients who are anxious about getting an IV may be prescribed a sedative pill in our office just before the appointment. The anaesthetic patch (EMLA) can also be applied to your arm minutes before the IV is started so that it’s numbed and less painful. If you’re extremely needle-phobic, laughing gas can also be administered before the start of the IV.

How am I monitored during the procedure?

Every measure of your vital signs is closely monitored by our anesthesia team during the entire procedure. Every detail is important, which is why we care about making sure you’re safe and well taken care of.


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